12 August 2020,   12:51
"Good job "Rustavi 2!" it seems like that company provides live-stream Information from all the meetings of the "Georgian Dream" - Opposition Responds to the statement of Vano Zardiashvili

Representatives of the parliamentary opposition call the immoral campaign to the campaign against Eka Beselia.
According to Giga Bokeria, member of "European Georgia", members of the ruling party act shamefully.
"Another shameful, catastrophic immoral campaign of Ivanishvili against the opponents. There are speakers of  Ivanishvili, including Mr. Volsky and Mr. Talakvadze. We have very clear situation here. The investigation can not be successful because government is the only organizer of the crime," - Giga Bokeria said.
According to Roman Gotsiridze, the member of the opposition, the members of the ruling party fail to restore their reputation by their statements.
"Rustavi 2" has its sources through collecting the information, the company performs with dignity and I am sure they does not rely on one source, they collect peculiar information and jaxtapose them,"- said Roman Gotsiridze.