27 September 2020,   03:42
Another wave of confrontation - Zardiashvili called Beselia a rat, Beselia threatened to open all cards of "Dream"

Another attack on the members of the parliamentary majority on Eka Beselia - the controversy between the former teammates has reached its highest today.
Kobakhidze - Zardiashvili - Mdinaradze"s group brought a new assault on Eka Beselia today.
Vano Zardiashvili went beyond the scope of ethics and once called his teammate a rat. Zardiashvili appeared in front of the camera with a particularly aggressive tone and his only target was Eka Beselia. 
The new face of the "Dream" party accused a veteran member of the party of corrupt deals. Zardiashvili claims that Eka Beselia was a secret informant of "Rustavi 2" and provided the channel with information on the backstage news.
From the Kobakhidze - Zardiashvili - Mdinaradze group, only MP Vano Zardiashvili appeared before the cameras. Davit Matikashvili accused Eka Beselia of spreading the internal news of the Georgian Dream today and insisted that she was "Rustavi 2" informer.
Eka Beselia, who did not become Zardiashvili"s attacker for the first time, thinks that Mdinaradze-Kobakhidze"s group has crossed all the red line, so the former member of the "Georgian Dream" warns Bidzina Ivanishvili that she will open all cards and openly speak about the "Dream`s" internal affairs.
Another stage of the attack on Eka Beselia, "Georgian Dream" started yesterday, when Vice Prime Minister Maia Tskitishvili called Beselia"s statements - investigating the case of personal life - tiring. Today Maia Tskitishvili has made a grave statement. She said that she did not say anything unethical and was not going to apologize.
Eka Beselia will apply against Vano Zardiashvili at the Ethics Council. The MP, who left the parliamentary majority, said Zardiashvili should leave the MP mandate and have already announced the fight for it.