05 December 2021,   17:24
It"s important to have a diverse media - Elizabeth Rood

The journalists asked the Acting Ambassador of the United States about summoning Nika Gvaramia to the questioning. Elizabeth Rood says she is unaware of the details of the case, but stresses that media pluralism is important for the 2020 parliamentary elections.
The US acting Ambassador to Georgia is attending an event dedicated to the National Day of Switzerland, where she answered journalists" questions.
"I cannot comment on this case, but I can tell you that the 2020 elections are approaching and it is very important that there is a diverse media. The diverse media environment is a fundamental part of any democracy, ”Rood said.
Nika Gvaramia will be questioned tomorrow in the presence of the magistrate judge. Former Director-General of Rustavi 2 was summoned to the Prosecutor"s Office. Nika Gvaramia refused to testify at the Prosecutor"s Office and requested to be interrogated in the presence of the magistrate judge. According to Gvaramia, on the basis of Nino Nizharadze"s complaint, the case is launched under three articles - misappropriation of large sums, concealment of large amounts of property using official position, abuse of power.