23 January 2022,   10:58
Ivanishvili does not want to have opponents in the country - Akaki Minashvili over Nika Gvaramia"s case

This is a political persecution - this is how Akaki Minashvili, a member of the United National Movement"s political council,assesses the investigation started against Nika Gvaramia.
Minashvili, along with other politicians, is in Tbilisi City Court, where a former director general of Rustavi 2 is being questioned in the presence of a magistrate judge.
“It is clear to everyone and the whole society what is happening. If Nika Gvaramia had not been the director of the television critical of the government, prosecution would not have been launched against him. If he had not announced the creation of a new television station in the future, he would not have been prosecuted. That is, obviously, this is political persecution, it is selective justice, because Ivanishvili does not want to have opponents in the country, ”Minashvili said.
The Prosecutor"s Office has launched an investigation on the complaint of Nino Nizharadze, the former owner of 9% of the broadcasting company. It is about misappropriating a large amount of money, hiding a large amount of property and abusing power. Gvaramia was summoned after making a statement on the creation of a new television station. Today it was revealed that Paata Salia, the new Director General of Rustavi 2, is also demanding an investigation against Gvaramia.