25 June 2022,   15:08
"Prosecutor"s Office is required to follow criminal procedure law" - Anri Okhanashvili

Whether the investigation will make the decision and arrests three former "Georgian Dream" ministers - Davit Shavliashvili, Zurab Alavidze and Dimitri Kumsishvili. The case concerns the project of $ 710 million which was borrowed from the European Investment Bank for the construction of the Samtredia-Grigoleti road.
Members of the parliamentary majority say that the case has no political content. Members of the ruling team say this is a legal process and no team affiliation will hindrance the investigation.
The chairman of the parliamentary committee on legal affairs has no information whether the former ministers" detention is in progress.
"I know that the Prosecutor"s Office is required to follow criminal procedure law and conduct an investigation within the appropriate timeframe. If sufficient evidence is gathered that would give the investigative authority the right to sue and bring the case to the court, then investigative actions can be taken,” - Anri Okhanashvili said.
The investigation is in progress on alleged abuse of office and embezzlement. According to one version, Giorgi Kvirikashvili may be summoned to the Prosecutor"s Office.