25 June 2022,   15:37
"Aim of the changes in electoral legislation is to neutralize the opposition" - Opposition

Proportional Electoral System and Changes to the Electoral Legislation - The ruling team and members of the opposition discussed the issue. Opposition representatives are protesting the inclusion of articles of the law that would place the parties in unequal conditions.
Giorgi Vashadze, chairman of the party "New Georgia" thinks the government is trying to neutralize the united opposition with these tools.
"Today we are discussing the main changes, but not the transition to the proportional electoral system." Georgian Gream" just trying to neutralize the opposition. The United Opposition is as strong as never. We will work hard on the changes, but will not give them the opportunity to break the promise about the transition to a proportional electoral system,” - Vashadze said.
Mamuka Katsitadze, the chairman of the "New Rights," also opposes the new regulations in the election legislation. Katsitadze said that the ruling team is even trying to order advertisement types for the opposition parties.
Paata Davitaia, the chairperson of the "European Democrats of Georgia," drew attention to the issue of party registration. Davitaia said that the government is trying to gain control over the process.