04 July 2022,   03:08
"Works have been launched on August 7 ... what can I do, nothing" - Gugutiankari police forbid residents from talking to journalists

Police in Gugutiankari forbid local residents from talking to journalists. The Russian occupants control the perimeter of Gugutiantkari. Residents cannot enter the territory since August 6.

According to the residents, the law enforcers forbade them to speak about the works, started by the Russian occupiers and did not give any explanation.

According to locals, law enforcement officials tell them that the crawling occupation cannot be discussed with journalists.

Residents are not allowed to access their land.

"What can I do, nothing. Everything will be as heads of Russia and South Ossetia decide. We don"t know anything else,"- says one of the locals.

Russian troops continue illegal borderization.