03 July 2022,   18:48
Illegal borderization continues in Gugutianthkari - Mayor of Gori tried to speak with occupants

The mayor of Gori has arrived in Gugutiantkari, where Russian occupiers resumed the process of illegal boarding. Konstantine Tavzarashvili went to the so-called border banners and tried to speak to Russian soldiers. As he told reporters, he asked Russian occupiers about their plans, though Gori mayor said Russian occupants only told him they were following orders. According to Tavzarashvili, he will stay in the village until the end of the day and observe ongoing processes on the spot.

Journalists once again asked the mayor of Gor about his vacation, which he said was a secondary issue in the current situation.

Representatives of the European Union Monitoring Mission are also in Gugutiantkari.