20 January 2022,   08:58
MP Eka Beselia is summoned to the Prosecutor"s Office

MP Eka Beselia is summoned to the Prosecutor"s Office. The statement is released by the investigative authority. The case is the statements she made about pressure and blackmailing of some individuals by their “private life footage”. 

"Eka Beselia, a Member of Parliament of Georgia, has been summoned to the Prosecutor"s Office of Georgia, in connection with her media statements about the pressure and blackmail against various persons via their private life footage.
The MP was contacted by the investigative body yesterday, but she said that she would not appear to the Prosecutor"s Office current week.
According to Eka Beselia, on Monday she will inform the Prosecutor"s Office of the date of her arrival to the investigative body.
Consequently, at this stage, the Prosecutor"s Office of Georgia is deprived of the opportunity to receive an additional information from a Member of Parliament on possible pressure and blackmailing of various individuals with secret records of private life", - indicated in the statement of the Prosecutor"s Office.