20 January 2022,   09:37
Protest rally resumes in Tkibuli - miners do not send children to schools and kindergartens

Protest rally continues in Tkibuli. The miners are gathering near the City Hall. Local citizens also expressed their solidarity. Some of the population did not send their children to kindergartens and schools. According to them, they will join the rally. 

"We are supporting miners because we think that the mine should work. They should not only pay salaries, the shaft should work as well, because the whole city exist thanks to it. We will not send children to kindergartens and schools and will come to the rally", - said Maka Turdziladze.
By this time schools have not ceased their educational process. According to the principal of the Public School #5, they support miners, but cannot stop the learning process while at least one pupil is at school
According to the miners, today the employees of Chiatura mine and Zestaponi "Fero" will join them.