20 January 2022,   09:12
Salome Zourabishvili made the first comment after she declared moratorium on pardoning.

“Pardoning applies not to angels but to perpetrators – in such way the President answered on the critics from New York. According to her, this moratorium was a cautious decision.
“I made the decision. Once again I would say very strongly that pardoning is not justification of anyone. In general, pardoning applies not to angels but to guilty persons. To reiterate, I have come up with an initiative to begin elaborating and refining the rules differently. These efforts are now ongoing”, - said the President.

Salome Zourabichvili took the responsibility for compiling a list of pardons and said that she has chosen pardons herself.

"The investigation is going on, let’s wait. I have full confidence in the investigation and what"s going on. The author of the list is the only person and this is the President who chooses pardon persons by subjective assessments. Once again, Pardoning applies not to angels but to perpetrators”, - said Salome Zourabichvili.