23 October 2020,   12:43
Washington Times: Georgia is key for latest geopolitical strategies realignment

Georgia is key to the latest geopolitical strategies realignment - the Washington Times publishes an article under this headline. The publication is about the special role of the Caucasus region and Georgia in the geopolitical redistribution process in Europe and Asia.

“China, Russia, the United States and Europe all seek opportunities to enhance stability, promote economic development, and gain strategic advantage. These trajectories intersect in the Caucasus, where all of the key players seek to develop positions of political influence and economic advantage, where the North-South and East-West axes intersect. Everyone is trying to strengthen political and economic influence in the Caucasus. For the United States, Georgia and Israel are the most loyal friends and strongholds. The United States must bet on them. Georgia’s prime minister said that Georgia"s NATO and EU integration is a priority. However Gakharia will have a difficult road ahead and in this way he needs the help of USA", - wrote the influential US magazine.