27 October 2020,   16:38
Office of The Hague Court to Georgia plans to launch program for victims of 2008 war starting 2020

Kaupo Kand, the Head of the International Criminal Court mission to Georgia says that the Georgian Office of The Hague Court plans to launch the program in assistance of victims of August 2008 Russia-Georgia war starting from next year.

According to him, the Victims Fund will work in several directions:

social-economic assistance of locals affected by the war;
medical and psychological aid;
psychological rehabilitation of children with war traumas.

“At this stage, the fund is carrying out a research to define the needs in three directions. The research comprises conflict-affected regions and IDP settlements.
The report will be ready in spring, which will be submitted to the Council, which will then determine the assistance mandate, directions and the amount of to-be allocated aid”, - concluded Kand.