26 September 2021,   22:35
Georgia reopens all kinds of open shops, including malls, restaurants with outdoor space

All kinds of open shops, including malls, have been opened in Georgia. They must follow special rules. Among them, before entering the facility, the customer must undergo thermoscreening. Customers must be equipped with personal face masks and must observe social distancing.

Fitting rooms have not been canceled, however, the rooms must be disinfected at 2-hour intervals. Complete disinfection should be carried out at the end of the working day as well.

Restaurants with outdoor seating areas will also reopen. They must abide by the recommendations of the Health Ministry - tables in closed area restaurants should not stand less than two meters apart, or, if this is not possible, custom protective barriers will be used.

Also, there should not be more than six persons at a table. As an exception, up to 12-year-old child will be allowed to sit at the table. Public catering facilities should use a printed menu for single use only, while when providing an electronic menu, there should be disinfectants placed near the menu.