21 September 2021,   23:24
We have no desire to go back or re-close economy - Giorgi Gakharia

The Prime Minister of Georgia calls on everyone to wear masks. He talked about this issue during the Coordination Council meeting.

According to Giorgi Gakharia the main task is to effectively control the spread of the virus.

“Two new clusters appeared in our country in the recent days. One os in Tbilisi and one in the village of Mereti. We all should understand that our task is to effectively control the spread of this virus both in terms of time and geography. Our responsibility is to follow the elementary rules. I would like to call on each of our citizens to wear a mask, especially when they are in transport and public places. This is really extremely important.

This is a civic responsibility that is simple to follow and we can do it. Why now? Because we are forced to slowly open up the economy. We have no desire to go back or re-close economy.

Everyone should understand that the Government knows well that the social assistance to those who lost their incomes is not enough. So we are doing our best to open up economy. It is our commitment to each other and therefore the plans that the government has with regard to the opening of economy and tourism will be done extremely carefully and wisely. Otherwise we will endanger the health of our citizens”, - concluded the Head of the Government.