27 July 2021,   02:26
Agriculture is able not only feed this country, but also have export potential – the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Georgia held meeting with farmers in the village of Nikozi. Giorgi Gakharia talked about the special importance of this sphere.

“The agriculture is a field that is able, in some ways, not only feed this country, but also have export potential.

Wee have some problems in agriculture. For example, lands are very fragmented, in some places, there is a water supply problem, knowledge problem as well, there are a lot of problems, but we have to move slowly. Agriculture should be industrialized, it will not happen in one day, but local farmer Giorgi Mchedlidze is a good example of this.

The agricultural sector had plans to grow an apple, nut, grape, wine, cucumber and tomato, all of which were intended for tourists who could not come.

We understand that agriculture is a field that needs to be helped economically, and, of course, the farmer now needs help, because when all this is restored, we will be ready again. The responsible government’s task is to allocate the resources that a small country has as fairly as possible to everyone who needs it. The budget for agricultural aid is about 300 million”, - concluded the Head of the Government.