28 September 2020,   12:36
The first foreign tourists have already appeared on the streets – Natia Turnava

The first foreign tourists have already appeared on the streets, which is a positive result of the current air traffic. Such a statement made the Minister of Economy of Georgia.

“Three-quarters of the passengers are foreign tourists, international visitors. Therefore, we will already be able to see the tourists we miss on our streets. This is a very important statistic, of course, our citizens also enjoy these flights, but mainly those visitors who want to visit Georgia, which is a safe country”, - said Natia Turnava.

She also added that after a month-long test regime, the business visitor platform has been fully and successfully launched.

“About 2,700 applications of foreign citizens seeking to enter Georgia short-term have already been registered on the online platform developed especially for this purpose. The applications were registered from neighboring countries of Georgia as well as from European countries”, - said the Minister.