19 October 2021,   13:36
Improper distribution of the budget and the problem of citizen involvement in projects - TI report on the activities of Telavi Sakrebulo

The representatives of the Transparency International – Georgia introduced the report about Telavi Sakrebulo’s 2017 year activities to the local lawmakers.

“The report is based on the information requested and received from the Municipal Council and on observations of our organization. It covers the period from November 2017 to December 2019.

During the reporting period, the Municipal Council of Telavi exercised weak oversight on the executive body and on legal entities established by the municipality, and the control was formal in most cases;
Officials of the City Hall didn’t submit activity reports to the Municipal Council elected in 2017.

During the period between 14 November 2017 and 31 December 2019, the Municipal Council held 51 sessions and 25 extraordinary sessions. Not a single session was canceled due to lack of quorum;
During the same period, the Municipal Council didn’t approve a single contract whose value exceeds 5% of the budgetary payments;
Not a single session of any commission was canceled due to lack of quorum;
The website of the Telavi Municipality is the most active among those of the eight municipalities of Kakheti; it is constantly updated and events are announced;
Video recordings of sessions of the Municipal Council are regularly uploaded to the Municipality’s website and are publicly available;
Officials of the City Hall didn’t submit activity reports to the Municipal Council elected in 2017;
The Municipal Council didn’t invite an independent auditor to conduct an audit at the municipal bodies of Telavi;
The Commission on Mandate, Procedural and Legal Issues submitted 12 draft legal acts to the Municipal Council, while the Commission on Spatial and
Territorial Planning, Infrastructure and Natural Resources submitted 3 draft legal acts”, - reads the report.