05 December 2021,   06:20
We call on electoral stakeholders to support the conduct of elections in a calm and free environment – the CEC

On November 21st the second round of parliamentary elections of Georgia will be held. The second round of elections will be held in 17 majoritarian electoral districts. The second round of extraordinary mayoral elections will be conducted in Kutaisi, as well.

As Natia Ioseliani Spokesperson stated at the news briefing held at the Central Election Commission (CEC), in line with legislation, two candidates with the best results participate in the second round of 31 October elections in relevant majoritarian districts, candidates nominated by a total of six electoral subjects.

1914 polling stations and nine precincts established in exceptional cases will serve voters during the second round on November 21st; as for voters placed in medical institutions and isolation (quarantine, self-isolation), 80 special polling stations are set up to ensure their participation in elections. The total number of voters is 2 140 210.

“Elections are safe despite the pandemic since all preventive measures are in place in the polling station to prevent the spread of infection. Additionally, it is well-known that there is no risk to the health of voters in voting as the casting vote requires a short time. I would like to remind voters that it is mandatory to wear a mask at the electoral precinct, though, if you fail to have one, polling officials will provide you with a mask; also, voters will be given pens of individual usage.

The Election Administration (EA) extended the registration/accreditation period to observer and media organizations as well as representatives of electoral subjects, according to the Spokesperson. International and local organizations along with the media could make changes to lists of their representatives.

Tomorrow, at 08:00 all electoral precincts will be ready to receive voters. Ballots, protocols as well all inventory necessary for the protection of sanitary hygiene norms are distributed to electoral districts, and the process of transferring electoral documentation and relevant materials to precincts is underway.

I would like to remind you that agitation on E-day is forbidden in the polling station according to election legislation. Additionally, no one has a right to impede voter’s movement at the entrance of the electoral precinct, and the free exercise of the vote is guaranteed by law. Voting is secret, and no one has a right to control or reveal the choice of others.

The media center will function without interruption where the media and electoral stakeholders will be able to receive information about topics of their interest. I call on voters to be active in the second round of parliamentary elections of Georgia, go to the polls, and make their choices. I also call on electoral stakeholders to support the conduct of elections in a calm and free environment”, - stated the Spokesperson at the end of the news briefing.