30 June 2022,   20:50
As of 17:00, voter turnout at polling stations amounted to 20.74%

Another news briefing was held at the Central Election Commission (CEC). Natia Ioseliani, Spokesperson of the CEC, informed the media on voter turnout, polling process, and complaints submitted so far.

“We present to you voter turnout as of 17:00. Voter turnout totals 20.74% (443 963 voters) at this point. The highest voter turnout was in Adjara region, in N30 majoritarian electoral district which include Keda, Shuakhevi, Khelvachauri, and Khulo municipalities, and the number of voters participating in the region amounted to 30 162. The lowest voter turnout was in Nadzaladevi (N7 majoritarian electoral district) - 16% (21. 641 voters)’’, - said the Spokesperson.

As for information on complaints, five complaints are submitted to District Election Commissions (DECs). Three complaints were recorded in Zugdidi and referred to procedural inaccuracies, namely, an improper performance by a registrar, an issue of the mobile ballot box, and violation of procedures of casting lots. One complaint recorded in Batumi referred to a violation of the procedure of vote casting; also, one complaint is submitted in Isani which refers to observer’s rights. All DECs will examine complaints and certainly followed by a relevant response of the Election Administration (EA).