03 December 2021,   10:36
Majority of metro employees have tested positive for COVID-19 – independent trade union

The union of the Tbilisi Metro train drivers - “Ertoba 2013” - says the majority of drivers and other employees of the company have tested positive for coronavirus.

“Not only Tbilisi Metro employees, but also their family members are infected with COVID-19 because the managing team did not let the newly infected individuals go into self-isolation and did not try to identify their contacts.

In September we offered the Tbilisi Metro managing team to switch to a summer schedule (7:00 a.m. - 21:00 p.m.).

Following the schedule, train drivers would be distributed so that the risk of virus transmission would be minimized. Certain number of drivers would work for 10 days, while the others would work for the next 10 days. This suggestion was denied by the management team”, - reads the statement.

Ertoba 2013 calls on the management team to close Tbilisi Metro for several days or take safety measures in order to reduce virus transmission.