23 January 2022,   13:27
Nine drug dealers detained in Ponitchala

The officers of the Central Criminal Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a result of operative and investigative activities that lasted for three months, exposed criminal scheme of the drug dealers.

As a result of the complex police activities, nine drug dealers were taken under arrest in Ponitchala settlement.

On the basis of the court decision, the following persons were detained: A.Kh. (DoB 1981), E.K. (DoB 1992), M.M. (DoB 1987), L.V. (DoB 1985), I.I. (DoB 1986), L.G. (DoB 1988), N.A. (DoB 1994), N.P. (DoB 1998) and L.K. (DoB 1973).
Detainees are accused of illegal purchase, keeping and selling drugs in especially large quantities.

Committed crime envisages from 8 to 20 years or lifetime imprisonment.

Investigation established that detainees sold drugs on the regular basis.

On the basis of the relevant court warrant, law enforcers covertly videotaped the process of selling “Heroin” several times.

As a result of the personal search and search activities held in detainees’ places of residence, police seized “Heroin” and “Methadone” ready for realization as well as cash and mobile phones as evidence.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of illegal purchase, keeping and selling drugs in especially large quantities committed by the group with a previous consent, crime envisaged under the article 260 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

It is notable that throughout 2020, the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained 71 drug dealers, exposed drug transit scheme and 40 kg. of “Heroin” has been seized. 16 persons have been charges for online drug dealing, 13 online stores selling drugs were closed; drug lab manufacturing psychoactive substances was exposed; from the illegal circulation of drugs the following substances were removed: 89 kg. of “Heroin”, 1 kg. of “Cocaine”, 7000 pills of “Subutex” and Suboxin”, 6 kg. and 500 gr. of new pcychoactive substances.