23 April 2021,   02:46
Police found dead the attacker of “gold market” in Zugdidi

On February 26, in mid- hours of the day, an armed robbery took place in Zugdidi, Rustaveli Street. An individual armed with a firearm broke into the gold market and appropriated jewelry from one of the sellers under the pressure of the firearm. After the incident, the offender fled from the pace of crime. The investigation was launched under Article 179, III Part, sub-paragraph “C” and Article 236, III and IV parts of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

The officers of Zugdidi Police Division under Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have launched immediate operative and investigative activities within the frames of the ongoing investigation.

The alleged perpetrator of the crime opened fire to the direction of police officers after being noticed away from Rustaveli Street. The shots were responded from the side of the law enforcers who took urgent measures in full compliance of the Law of Georgia on Police as there was a threat posed from the side of the offender, endangering lives and health of policemen.

The attacker (born in 1996) was found by police in an unconscious state, after which the law enforcement officers called an ambulance, however ambulance crew was not able to recover him.

Appropriate examinations will be conducted in order to determine the cause of death.