24 January 2022,   17:46
Investigation Service brought to the criminal liability 2 persons, 1 of whom is detained, on the fact of missapropriation of state funds in large quantities

As a result of operative-searching and investigative activities carried out, representatives of Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia brought to the criminal liability two persons, one of whom is detained on the fact of misappropriation of lawfully held state funds in large quantities, using the official position.

Investigation determined that the accused persons, in order to obtain illegal material benefits, on behalf of the company under their management participated in and won 2 tenders announced by one of the state agencies, as a result of which, in order to carry out the relevant infrastructural works, they demanded and received GEL 757,061 in advance, from which they unlawfully appropriated GEL 304,363 and did not perform the works provided in the contracts.

Investigation is underway under the second and third parts of Article 182 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which envisages imprisonment from 7 to 11 years.