19 May 2022,   20:28
Police solved the fact of premeditated murder in Gori - 1 person arrested

The officers of Shida Kartli Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained G.Dz.(DoB 1956) for premeditated murder as a result of immediate operative-search and investigative activities.

The committed crime envisions from 7 to 15 years of imprisonment.

The investigation established that the accused person, in the town of Gori, near his own residential building, wounded his acquaintance - S.K. (DoB 1967) with a cold steel while arguing and fled the scene. The wounded man died shortly after being taken to a medical facility.

Police arrested G.Dz. as a result of immediate police activities few hours after the incident. Law enforcement officers seized the weapon of crime - a knife as evidence.

The fact of premeditated murder is being investigated under Article 108 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.