01 December 2022,   16:34
Invasion could result only in “shame and poverty” for Russia - Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukraine President issued a dire warning to Russia and its citizens, as the 20th day of the war between the two countries drew to an end.

In his latest address Volodymyr Zelensky spoke directly to citizens of Russia, the officials of the Russian Federation and people working in the Russian media propaganda system. He told them the war would end in their “shame and poverty” with “years of isolation” - and that “what happens next depends on your actions”.

“Citizens of Russia! Any of you who have access to truthful information could already understand how this war will end for your country. Shame and poverty. Years of isolation. A very cruel repressive system that will treat the citizens of Russia in the same inhumane way as you, invaders, treated Ukrainians. What happens next depends on your actions.

I want to speak directly to all the officials of the Russian Federation, to everyone who is related to the current government: if you remain in office, if you do not oppose the war, the international community will deprive you of everything. Everything you have earned over the years. This is already being done.

The same goes for the propaganda system. The fourth branch of power in Russia. If you stay to work for propaganda, you are putting yourself at much greater risk than if you just leave. Just quit. The risk of sanctions and an international tribunal for propaganda of an aggressive war, for justifying war crimes.

Quit! A few months without a job is definitely better for you than a lifetime of international persecution”, - said Volodymyr Zelensky.