05 December 2022,   04:24
If the lawyers consider it a victory, it is very surprising - Irakli Shotadze on Strasbourg Court decision

Prosecutor General of Georgia has responded to the issue of Strasbourg Court accepting the application of the former President of Georgia „Saakashvili v. Georgia”.

“This is one of the stages of the long process of the Strasbourg court. I can tell you it’s too early to talk whether it is a victory or a defeat. If the lawyers consider this a victory, it is very surprising, perhaps, what they consider a victory is that they applied to Strasbourg a 1.5 late instead of 6 months, given the pandemic, the Strasbourg court considered this fact acceptable and declared the lawsuit admissible - perhaps for them, it is a victory that they were pardoned this mistake.

There is no sign of their victory yet. The process continues, there is an important stage of this process ahead, a substantive discussion and the state is presented with very serious evidence and arguments in this process”, - said Irakli Shotadze.