05 December 2022,   09:10
SSSG publishes interim results of investigation into alleged possession of personal files of former serviceman of Ministry of Defense

The State Security Service of Georgia [SSSG] published the interim results of the investigation into the criminal case regarding the alleged possession of the personal file materials of the former serviceman of the Ministry of Defense, Mikheil Kamkhadze, by the representatives of the armed forces of Russia in the territory of Lysychansk, Ukraine.

According to the agency, on August 14, 2016, Kamkhadze was dismissed from the Defense Forces due to the age limit, and his personal case, in accordance with the law, was sent to the relevant service.

“The investigation established that the case does not include any evidence proving transfer of documents or making of copies. In addition, no documents about Mikheil Kamkhadze are stored in the Ministry of Defense.

It is also established that the personal file of a military serviceman found in the city of Lysychansk, spread by Russian media, has nothing to do with the personal file of M. Kamkhadze, which is protected in the Gldani military department, and it may represent documents personally collected by M. Kamkhadze in 2016, which he did not deny during an interview.

The examination of the released materials established that the majority of the documents are not identical to the documents of the serviceman’s personal file kept in the service of military registration, recruitment and mobilization, except for diplomas and certificates, which are not secret documents, and according to M. Kamkhadze, they are kept at his house.

Besides, it was additionally established that the materials disseminated by the media contain some information that was never part of the personal file of M. Kamkhadze’s military serviceman.

In particular, the footage relating to M. Kamkhadze’s autobiography contains the data available after the dismissal of the employee, which is confirmed by M. Kamkhadze himself, who explained that he wrote the said autobiography himself, after leaving the military service, which in turn once again excludes the connection of the published materials with the protected case.

In addition, as a result of the investigative actions conducted, it is clear that none of the documents shown in the video material contained state secrets.

The final results of the investigation will be made known to the public later”, - reads the statement of the SSSG.