01 December 2022,   08:21
Through joint efforts, we should fight against the negative effects of climate change - Otar Shamugia

The Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture Otar Shamugia attended the event together with the Chairman of the Parliament Shalva Papuashvili.

Under the support of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), the Parliament and Government of Georgia will jointly develop the Climate Change Framework Law to regulate the challenges in the field of climate change. The representatives of the non-governmental organizations working on environmental issues, as well as Georgian and foreign experts and other stakeholders will be involved in the aforementioned process.

“Currently, climate change is a huge challenge for us and for the whole world. Therefore, through joint efforts, we should fight against the negative effects of climate change. International support is of the utmost importance in the respective process, thereupon, I would like to thank all partner organizations for their assistance.

In recent years, we have taken a number of steps to deal with the consequences of climate change. In 2021, we developed a Nationally determined contribution document (NDC), followed by the 2030 strategy and the 2021-2023 action plan.

The respective policy documents clearly outline climate change mitigation policies for different sectors of the economy, including the vision of the Government and specific measures. We still do not have a legal document dealing with climate change-related legal issues, which are reflected in various laws, by-laws. Therefore, it is important to create a legal framework, a law that will regulate the aforementioned issues and distribute responsibilities.

We are starting to work on the Climate Change Law together with the Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee of the Parliament of Georgia taking into consideration our international commitments and goals. Ultimately, we will adopt a law that serves the interests of our country and our citizens”, - said Otar Shamugia.