29 November 2022,   17:39
Belarus does participate in Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine – Lukashenko

Belarus does participate in Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement at a conference held on 4 October to discuss military security, writes BelTA.

“As far as our participation in the special military operation in Ukraine is concerned, we are participating in it. We don"t hide it. But we don’t kill anyone. We don’t send our military personnel anywhere. We don’t violate our commitments.

Our participation is limited to preventing the spread of this conflict into Belarus’ territory. Secondly, to preventing a strike on Belarus from Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia under the guise of the special military operation. As I"ve said, nobody is going to shoot Russians in the back from Belarus’ territory. This is our participation.

Yes, we offer medical aid to people. We’ve treated people if necessary. Yes, we feed people. And not only Russians. Most of all, we feed those refugees, those beggars, those poor people, who come to Belarus from Ukraine 400-500 people per day. How can’t we feed them or treat them? This is our participation in this military operation. There will be no other kind”, - said Lukashenko.