17 April 2024,   10:50
Dozens of Ukrainian fuel carriers transport Russian goods from Riga every day, bypassing Ukrainian sanctions - Latvian media

At the beginning of 2023, three tankers arrived from St. Petersburg to the port of Riga. The cargo of fuel that comes to them is then taken to Ukraine, where imports of Russian fuel have been banned since last year. The shipment is accompanied by forged documents. They were delivered to Latvian customs and this was reported two months ago.

According to the “Neká peresigina” program, the Tax and Customs Police of the State Revenue Service (SRS) still has not initiated criminal proceedings, while dozens of Ukrainian fuel carriers transport Russian goods from Riga every day, bypassing Ukrainian sanctions.

“On February 5, a complete ban on Russian oil products came into effect in the European Union. So far this year, three tankerloads of fuel have been delivered to St. Petersburg, he managed to enter the port of Riga. The ships “NS Point” and “NS Pride” of the Russian state company “Sovkomflot” delivered fuel to the storage facilities of the companies “PARS Terminal” and “Naftimpeks”.

The total value of the cargo can be over 100 million euros.

Until February 5, imports of Russian fuel into Europe were not in violation of the sanctions. However, the quality certificate received by fuel buyers aroused doubts. Published by the so-called “Orlen Lietuva” company.

When the program asked the company whether the imported petroleum products were really related to them, “Orlen” claimed the document was fake.

After the “not personal” plan, “Orlen” turned to the SRS Customs Department, where they learned that other similar documents named “Orlen” dated January were used.

The SRS’s Tax and Customs Police Department decided not to take criminal action and claimed to have handed over the materials to the State Police for consideration. The prosecutor’s office, which decided to examine the case after the footage related to the program, concluded that the decision not to initiate an investigation was premature due to the inability to obtain full information.

The Prosecutor’s Office canceled the SRS decision and sent the file back for re-examination. Currently, the case is still under departmental investigation at the SRS Tax and Customs Police. The prosecution’s response indicates that the case concerned a ship that arrived in December, not the three cargoes Neka Personala registered this year”, - reads the article.