29 February 2024,   02:06
“Presenting the Motherland of Wine” - video clip about Georgian wine to be broadcast on CNN

The representatives of the Government of Georgia, the winemaking industry, the non-governmental sector, scientific and artistic fields, and veteran winemakers attended the presentation of the video clip “Presenting the Motherland of Wine” in Tbilisi.

“The promotion of Georgian wine is one of our top priorities, and we"ve been actively working in this direction for years - taking relevant measures in priority markets. In 2014, we launched a crucial research project on Georgian vine and wine culture. In 2017, the research findings were validated, and the world community heard that Georgia is the homeland of wine, with eight thousand years of continuous history of wine production”, - said the Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, Otar Shamugia.

In the summer of 2023, the National Wine Agency launched negotiations with the TV company CNN about airing a video clip on Georgian wine. A working group was created, embracing the representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, the National Wine Agency, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, the National Tourism Administration, and the “Georgian Wine Association”.

The group members agreed upon the main concept of the video clip, noting that the main message should be the continuous tradition of Georgian wine production, along with timeless values. The video clip was prepared in Georgia. Filming took place in September.

The 30-second video clip will be aired on CNN International six times a day for a month. The channel broadcasts in 200 countries worldwide. The video clip will be aired three times a day on CNN North America.