19 April 2024,   19:20
No country has been a stronger supporter and friend of Georgia than US - Robin Dunnigan

I contend that no country has been a stronger supporter and friend of Georgia than the United States, said the US Ambassador to Georgia at the Foreign Relations Committee meeting.

“Georgians and Americans do share a special friendship, which I believe is rooted in our shared love of freedom and liberty. It is also rooted in a belief that if we have the freedom to do so through hard work and dedication, we can make the world a better place for our children.

My top priority as the US Ambassador is to deepen that special friendship and partnership. But let me start before I look forward, to look backward and reflect on what our partnership has meant over the past 32 years. Mr. Chairman, I very much appreciate your remarks looking back on that partnership. On Sunday, we marked Soviet Occupation Day, remembering when the Red Army tragically annexed Georgia. In the years since Georgia regained its independence, I contend that no country has been a stronger supporter and friend of Georgia than the US.

Over the past 32 years, we have provided more than USD 6 billion in assistance to Georgia, but that number does not begin to tell the story of our friendship and how our partnership has benefited both countries. I’ve been overwhelmed by the number of Georgians I have met, whose lives have been changed by our special friendship. During my time here, I’ve met soldiers, Coast Guard officials and first responders who have been trained and equipped working together with the United States.

I have met university professors and teachers and students who have told me that their partnerships and exchanges with Americans have changed their lives. I’ve met farmers and small business owners who told me that the financing and support that they received from the US helped their businesses survive. US Support has also contributed to helping Georgia defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Our funding helped build and equip most of Georgia’s border crossings. All but two, I believe. Our assistance helped establish, train and equip the Georgian Coast Guard to patrol your maritime border. 1,600 Georgians have been beneficiaries of US military education in the US. We’ve provided Georgia with NATO interoperable weapons and trained together in multinational exercises, including here in Georgia. So in some looking back over the past 32 years, the US has been one of, if not the strongest supporter of Georgia, and we will continue to be”, - said Robin Dunnigan.