21 July 2024,   23:57
One person arrested for making a false report about the presence of explosive device in Batumi shopping center

As a result of the counter-terrorist activity, the State Security Service of Georgia [SSSG] arrested 1 citizen of Georgia on the fact of false notification about terrorism. Such a statement was released by the SSSG.

“Regarding the received message, the counter-terrorist units of SSSG carried out various special measures provided for by the counter-terrorist protocol in the said shopping center, as a result of which the presence of an explosive device in the place of public gathering was ruled out.

The investigation is conducting under Article 331 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which provides for imprisonment from 3 to 6 years.

Within the framework of the ongoing investigation in the SSSG, dozens of false reports have been identified in public gathering places, shopping centers, educational institutions, international airports in different periods across Georgia.

As a result of the counter-terrorist investigation, it has been determined that a large part of the messages were sent from abroad. Specific countries, emails and IP addresses are identified. The SSSG, together with the relevant agencies of the partner countries, is actively working to identify the persons and groups of persons behind the false reports.

The counter-terrorist center of the SSSG continues its investigation into the above-mentioned facts in an active phase. At this stage, specific persons have been identified, against whom operative-search and investigative actions are being conducted.

At the same time, we emphasize that the response of the SSSG to the facts of false reports about terrorism will be quite strict”, - reads the statement.