12 August 2020,   13:02
Scandalous statement - Archpriest Mamaladze`s lawyers talk about unofficial offer from Prosecutor`s Office


Lawyers of Giorgi Mamaladze who is accused on the so called cyanide case, have made another scandalous statement today. They talk about the details of the proposal received from the investigative agencies.

Father Giorgi Mamaladze`s lawyer said that the Prosecutor"s Office had requested the clergy to recognize the crime and name the former head of Patriarch`s security service, Soso Okhanashvili and Archbishop Dimitri as asaccomplices. According to lawyers, state prosecutors have made an offer unofficially and promised to Dean Giorgi Mamaladze a plea bargain in exchange for consent.

Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili from the day of arrest of Archpriest says that there are many violations in the case.

Nana Kakabadze, a friend of the secretary of the Patriarch is also familiar with the case. Kakabadze states that the murder of the Patriarch was planned and not of his  secretary.

According to the case materials, the deacon is accused of preparing the murder of the Patriarch`s secretary. The crime envisages up to 20 or life imprisonment. The consideration on merits of the case begins on May 19.