05 October 2022,   22:39
According to Director of NDI Office of Georgia, majority of respondents see government interference in Rustavi 2 case

The issue of Rustavi 2 was included in this year`s survey of the National Democratic Institute together with political, social and religious issues. According to the respondents, the court dispute around Rustavi 2 was not neutral.

According to Laura Thornton, the Director of the Georgian National Democratic Institute (NDI), the majority of people who knew the case of Rustavi 2 believe that the process was not fair and the government was trying to interfere.

Salome Samadashvili, Deputy Chairperson of the National Movement faction states that the society was able to get information about Rustavi 2.

Irakli Abesadze, the secretary of the parliamentary minority, believes that the position that the government is trying to interfere with the activities of Rustavi 2 is correct.

Vice-Prime Minister of Georgia Aleksandre Jejelava states that the data related to Rustavi 2 is incorrect, as the Minister of Education views the broadcasting company as a "party television".

56% of respondents who knew the Supreme Court`s verdict on Rustavi 2 case think that the government had interfered.