25 September 2020,   13:31
Minister of Energy will visit Khando Gorge - Kaladze`s meeting with population is over

Meeting with population of four villages of Khando Gorge has been completed at the Ministry of Energy. The meeting of the representatives of the Ministry and the locals continued for more than an hour.

According to locals, negotiations have only been made on one particular issue. According to them, the Minister of Energy will visit the site in the nearest future and get acquainted with the ongoing works. However, the exact date when Kakhi Kaladze will leave for Khando Gorge is unknown.

The locals hope that the issue of allocating alternative space will be discussed once more in the ministry.

After the meeting, Sulkhan Zumburidze, the head of the Georgian State Energy Department, said that the works in Khando Gorge and Pasanauri will not be renewed for a certain period. He also explained that the cemeteries in the village of Muguda will not be damaged.

According to Sulkhan Zumburidze, the issue of compensation was also discussed at today`s meeting, although he did not confirm whether the population agreed to receive thecompensation from the project. The head of the Georgian State Energy Agency said that the issue of compensation will be individually discussed with each family.