22 October 2020,   00:10
President`s daughter thinks that police intentionally persecute her friends and family

Lawenforcers accuse a friend of the President`s daughter of purchasing and keeping drugs but Ana Margvelashvili is convinced that drugs have been planted on her friend Tornike Kacharava by the police and he did not have anything illegal on him during the personal search.

The President`s daughter does not rule out that her brother-in-law, Mindia Gogochuri will also be detained. Ana Margvelashvili believes that the police are intentionally persecuting her friends and family members.

Tornike Kacharava was detained in the yardt of Dighomi hospital. His uncle says that up to 40 law enforcement officers were waiting in this area.

Tornike Kacharava had an appointment with a dermatologist before the arrest. Nona Baghdadishvili says in a telephone interview with Courier that she exmined her patient and gave him a prescription andappointed another consultation on the next day . According to the doctor, Kacharava was in a sober state and there was nothing suspicious about him.

Tornike Kacharava`s lawyer, Irma Chkadua says that her detainee was physically assaulted and drugs were planted on him.