26 September 2020,   22:28
Possible price increase of tariffs announced by "Silknet" and response of TV companies

Silknet announces the possibility of increase in the price of service delivery to subscribers and accuses TV companies of this. According to the company, TV companies Rustavi 2, Imedi and Maestro agreed to make their channels payable which could lead to a rise in the price of the package.

Rustavi 2 lawyer claims that the broadcasters have requested the reimbursement fee, which is a common practice used in many countries.

Rustavi 2 and other televisions have been handed over the issue of ensuring their rights to Media Rights Georgia LLC . The director of the LLC explains that the demand is fair, however, Zurab Nakheure said that Silknet disseminated information about the possible rise of cost of service before the negotiations began.

The statement was issued by persons with the right to authorize broadcasting, saying that they do not agree to pay for the transit of the TV signal. Communications Regulatory Company also started to study the issue.

The TV companies explain that reimbursement fees are only commercial interests, but not at the expense of consumers.