27 September 2020,   20:35
Farskhaladze-Tordia Case - Opposition will raise initiative to create investigative commission at session

The Parliamentary opposition demands the creation of an investigative commission in the parliament on the case of Partskhaladze-Tordia. The United National Movement joined the initiative put forward by the European Georgia, but the opposition`s attempts only irritated the ruling party.

The opposition thinks that the legislative body should create guarantees for objectivity and transparency while investigating the case of the head of the constitutional body. They point to the influence of the former chief prosecutor and one of the suspicious circumstances is the fact that Otar Partskhaladze was not interrogated so far.

According to the members of the parliamentary majority, at the first stage there is no reason to doubt the investigation impartiality, so they do not see the need to create an investigative commission. NGOs believe that Parliament should be interested in Partskhaladze`s business interests and disputed land plots.

The President of Georgia calls upon relevant authorities for timely and effective investigate the case, otherwise he thinks that the functioning of state institutions may be threatened. The opposition refused to attend the bureau session today. However, the initiators will raise the issue at the nearest session.

Part of Non-Parliamentary Opposition imposes additional responsibility on the Prosecutor`s Office and demands from the Ministry to take guarantees that Otar Partskhaladze will not leave the country.