27 September 2020,   22:16
Why Partskhaladze is not interrogated so far? - Police still have no answer to this question

The MIA released a statement in connection with an attack on the Head of the State Audit.

According to the ministry, at this stage for more than 10 people were interviewed as witnesses. The statement noted that in the near future, the interrogation of the former chief prosecutor is also planned.

"The Interior Ministry`s Police Department is conducting an investigation of the attack on the Auditor General, Lasha Tordia, under Article 126 of the Criminal Code. . Investigation at this stage has questioned more than ten persons as witnesses, conducted various investigative actions, the requested relevant materials for expertise have been extracted, the process of collecting additional evidence is underway. The investigation ended Lasha Tordia`s interrogation. Therefore, in the near future Otar partskhaladzisa and other persons will be questioned in order to establish the truth, "- say the statement of the MIA.