06 August 2020,   02:59
Second stage of public discussions of new constitution will start tomorrow

The second stage of public discussions of the constitutional project will start from tomorrow. The first meeting will be held in Zestafoni. Representatives of the Constitutional Commission, politicians, civil sector and experts will also visit the cities where they have not been before.

Meeting with professional groups is also planned. The details are unknown yet, but the government is now planning to take preventive measures.

"There will be discussions in different cities of Georgia, as well as discussions in the districts of Tbilisi, meetings with professional circles, academic circles, so that it will take a very large scale and all this has one goal to create the right idea for our society about the changes that we plan to implement , "- stated Giorgi Kakhiani.

European Georgia still requires a plebiscite. Members of the parliamentary minority say that this is the only way to find out the real opinion of the population.

"No matter how many meetings will be held, nothing can replace the important step that we can take if the government agrees to hold a plebiscite that European Georgia is offering," - Zurab Tchiaberashvili says.

Concrete results from holding additional meetings are not expected in the National Movement. According to party leaders, universal public discussions are conducted with the participation of people employed by the Georgian Dream and it is a farce.