23 September 2020,   06:39
City court left friend of President`s daughter in custody

The City Court satisfied the solicitation of the Prosecutor`s Office on the case of the friend of the President"s daughter . According to the decision of the judge Elene Goguadze, Tornike Kacharava remains in custody.

According to the judge, Tornike Kacharava has not stated about alleged violence and threats made by law enforcers in the interrogation protocol, which Tornike Kacharava spoke about at today`s court session.

Elene Goguadze said that Tornike Kacharava was charged with a heavy charge and due to the danger of interference with the investigation, the court left him in preliminary custody.

Judge Kacharava will discuss the issue of preventive measures again on June 26.

Investigation is in progress under Article 260 (6) of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which implies the purchase of a large amount of drugs and envisages up to 20 years of imprisonment or life imprisonment.