06 August 2020,   02:59
2008 war - Hague court representative says that witnesses are being questioned

Representatives of the International Criminal Court are holding an informational meeting for media and non-governmental sector in Tbilisi. According to them, the questioning of witnesses will continue. Tomorrow they will visit Gori and meet with the local population.

The International Court is investigating the alleged crimes committed from July 1, 2008 until October 10 during an international armed conflict between Georgia and Russia.

Russia is not cooperating with the investigation at this stage. Nevertheless, the process is still going on. The investigation is confidential and will not be publicized until the concrete people are accused.

"The investigation consists of several stages. We started with studying all the information and documents which we have obtained from preliminary surveys. Now we moved to the stage, which is to collect information from eye-witnesses. The Georgian authorities are cooperating with us and we continually strive to engage in this process Russia and South Ossetia, so that they provide us with information about the events and on this basis we will be able to conduct an independent and impartial investigation. We can only encourage them to cooperate, however, unfortunately, they are still not convinced, "- said the representative of the Prosecutor"` office of the International Criminal Court.