29 November 2021,   01:16
"It is necessary to correctly explain the process in a language that is understandable to people" - experts on impairment of Lari

"It is necessary to correctly explain the process in the language that is comprehensible for people and not as they say that the fundamental factors are in order or something like that,"- said the expert on economics issues Akaki Tsomaia in regard to impairment of the Lari. Economists say that it is necessary to explain the reasons for the devaluation of the national currency.

"There are odious statements, it is unclear what we are talking about. The government can change the logic of money spending and spend a lot not at the end of the year but before that when lari is strengthening and spend less when the lari is devaluating, "said the expert in economics, Akaki Tsomaia.

President of "New Economic School - Georgia" Paata Sheshelidze sees interest of certain groups in impairing of the national currency.

The national currency has devaluated again. More than 2.76 GEL is required to buy 1 dollar in commercial banks.