05 December 2023,   02:40
"I do not think that he withdrew a statement voluntarily" - Nazi Janezashvili on Judge Arevadze

The voting process is completed in the High Council of Justice. The board selected 34 candidates for vacant positions and 18 positions remain vacant. The Board has appointed some candidates for a lifetime and others for the term of three years . Among the lifetime judges are the active members of the council.

Giorgi Arevadze was not among the lifelong judges, because he has withdrawn his candidacy shortly before the voting. Arvadze is the judge who sentenced the third President of Georgia a few days ago .

Member of the High Council of Justice Nazi Janezashvili suggests that Giorgi Arevadze has not withdrawn his application voluntary.

"We know other examples in work of the Council of Justice when judges who work on sensitive, very resonant cases are no longer employed. Consequently, I do not think that he made a statement voluntarily and this is his decision, said Nazi Janezashvili.