21 October 2020,   18:10
Soviet style corruption and Russian influence on the system - "Heritage Foundation" research on Georgian judiciary system

"Heritage Foundation" has published a study on the problems of the Georgian court.
The main study indicates that professionalism of civil justice judges and transparency of their decisions are unreliable.

The study says that the judiciary system is characterized by Soviet style corruption and Russian influence.

The third sector says that the Justice Council conceals information about the shortcomings of the judiciary intentionally and misinforms the public about results of the study.

The opposition agrees with the research and say that the government is fully controlling the judiciary system. The "National Movement" and "European Georgia" state that corruption in the judiciary has become more noticeable in recent years.

The Heritage Foundation evaluated the efficiency of the court system by several criteria, including the independence of the judiciary, the quality of processes and the possibility of reliable decisions.