26 November 2020,   05:51
With the assistance of Georgian asylum seekers, shelters became thieves and looting bases - Joachim Stamp

"Welt" publishes an article on the request of suspending visa-free travel for Georgia on the request of one of the regions of Germany.

The Minister of Refugees of North Rhine-Westphalia, in an interview with the edition, says that the explosion of crime in the region is largely caused by the Georgian asylum seekers due to whom the shelters have been turned into organized crime and robbery bases.

According to Joaqim Stamp, those persons who get involved in illegal activity after demanding asylum inflict a lot of damage to the reputation of those Georgians who live in good faith in Germany.

The Minister of Refugees has already addressed the Minister of Internal Affairs of Germany with a request to urgently strenthen the visa-free regime for Georgia.

There is also statistics in the publication that shows that in only one of the regions of Germany, the number of Georgian asylum seekers has increased by 400% after the entry into force of visa regime.