26 January 2022,   08:33
Gia Gachechiladze and Giorgi Vashadze oppose each other in Parliament

A discussion on the issue of " RMG Gold" was followed by a confrontation at the sitting of the Environmental Protection Committee in the parliament today. The members of " Sakdrisi Protection Committee" had acute questions.
Kakha Kuchava, the Chairman of the Environmental Protection Committee demanded to turn off the microphone for MP Tina Bokuchava:

The opposition demanded to discuss only problems and avoid general assessments.
According to Kuchava, every company that harms the environment with its activities should be strictly responsible for that.
The confrontation began after Gia Gachechiladze"s question.
He said, he is happy that Giorgi Vashadze attends
Gia Gachechiladze accused Giorgi Vashadze of adopting the anti-constitutional law . Giorgi Vashadze explained to him, that laws are adopted by the parliament. Vashadze"s response irritated Gachechiladze. The verbal confrontation turned into a physical confrontation.