05 December 2023,   03:21
"I can not say it was an emotionally busy day," Gedevan Popkhadze speaks about possible change of decision

The crisis is in the majority. Georgian Dream is preparing for consultations. It is already known that the ruling team will assemble today. The main issue at the meeting will be Gedevan Popkhadze"s decision. Presumably, there is an intense discussion within the team, as other MPs are protesting against Ninia Kakabadze"s support, similar to Popkhadze"s decision. Gedevan Popkhadze himself does not know whether he will participate in these consultations. According to him, the leader of the majority has not connected him yet.

"I am going to calmly meet Easter and I will think about the future and Archil is a very good man and we can meet any moment I do not have a problem," said Popkhadze.

When asked whether he might change the decision to resign from the majority, MPs replied to the "Courier" :

"I can not say now, it was an emotionally busy day and I do not want to comment on it."

Other members of the majority are waiting for Gedevan Popkhadze to change the decision.

"I am very hopeful that our team will remain united as before," said Sophio Kiladze.

Another member of the majority Davit Matikashvili calls the decision of Popkhadze hasty.

"This was a hasty decision, it also pointed out that the leader of the majority would have to negotiate with him, I do not have the expectation that someone will leave the majority," said Matikashvili.